Types of ADUs

Home Conversion

Garage Conversion

Garage Addition

House Addition

Detached ADU

JADU (Junior ADU)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You only need a 4' setback for rear and side yards.

  • A detached ADU must be at least 10' from other buildings, although there are some workarounds concerning fire safety.

  • If you convert your garage, you are no longer required to replace the parking spots.

  • If you live 1/2 a mile or less from any public transit stop (bus or light rail), you do not need to provide parking for a new ADU.

  • If your existing home doesn't have sprinklers, your new ADU will not require sprinklers either.

  • Only new detached ADUs may be required to provide solar panels.

  • You are now allowed to have an ADU and a JADU on your property.

  • Permits for ADU and JADUs must be approved or denied within 60 days.

  • There is no minimum lot size required to build an ADU.

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